Child Development

Child Development Programs

Child development refers to the physical and psychological changes that children go through as they grow up. In this stage, your young one undergoes an important development to become a fully functioning adult. This phase is significant, as it serves as everyone’s foundation toward a steady and successful academic growth.

Sonbeam Preschool & Daycare Center is your partner in helping your child achieve these individual progresses properly. We combine age-sensitive child development programs and a loving environment that allow children to learn basic skills, expand their knowledge about the world, and develop their character.

Programs for the Child’s Complete Growth

We take pride in offering one of the most trusted child development programs Portland, OR. Our curriculums encompass the three major categories in child development: physical, intellectual, and social. In addition, our staff always brings their enthusiasm for teaching in the classroom every single day. We provide proper attention to all our students in looking after their development under our care.

Learning Centering Christian Teachings

While spiritual development is important for an adult’s proper wellbeing, we develop our programs around Christian principles to make the Bible become a part of children’s lives at their early age. Our educational programs are highly integrated with parables, songs of praise, and Bible verses.

Sonbeam transforms young minds into well-rounded individuals of the future. Let your children begin their academic journey in our educational institution. Feel free to contact us to learn why we are the respected child development center in Portland, OR.

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