Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

School facility is one of the reasons Sonbeam Preschool & Daycare Center is the trusted Christian educational institution for children in Portland, Oregon. We know that the environment is an important factor that affects a child’s studying. This is why we made sure that our premises are conducive to learning.

Our rooms can accommodate all our students while giving them adequate space to learn on their own and work with their classmates. The facilities at Sonbeam are made from quality materials and are all functional. That is why you can be sure that your child is safe at all times and will enjoy a comfortable stay.

We have colorful and educational wall decorations in every room. As Christian principles are at the center of our development programs, we are proud to say that use wholesome pieces of design in all corners of our vicinity to create an ideal learning environment for children.

Sonbeam recognizes that the key to encourage children to go to school is to make learning fun and enjoyable. With the child-friendly setup our center has, your young one won’t even feel that pressure of studying, thus giving them a rewarding experience while expanding their knowledge.

You don’t need to leave the comforts of your home to view our beautiful school area. Take a virtual tour and explore every corner of our center before you even step into our doors. Feel free to roam around and contact us for inquiries.

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